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A Very Warm Welcome!
By Donna Maher RN, 1 February 2012 | Tags:  welcome, empowerment, education

A warm welcome to you, I am really glad you're here -- grab your favorite beverage and stay with me awhile. I sincerely appreciate your time. :) The primary goal of this website is to help others, to share knowledge, and ultimately to empower you so that you can become the best you that you can possibly be.

Along the side and at the bottom of the page are links (some aren't 'live' yet, for which I do apologize because I'm in the process of rebuilding this entire website) to helpful articles and great resources.  We will hopefully be adding a comment function to the site so you can be part of us.  Meanwhile, just as with all my websites, you can communicate easily using my help desk, because I want you to feel welcome and also for you to know that your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.  I will manually add comments as time permits until I can integrate a safe comment system on the site.

Some of the site content is specific to consumer education - it's here to help you educate and empower yourself so that you don't get ripped off, scammed, spammed, phished and otherwise harmed by those who are innately evil and just plain mean.  I want to help you prevent bad things from happening online to yourself or to your children.

Online Miscreants Abound
By Donna Maher RN, 2 February 2012 | Tags: consumer education, hackers, evildoers, self-loathing

Since this site is dedicated to consumer education, anyone with a website (specifically one containing a WordPress blog) may benefit from the extremely painful lessons I have learned over the past three weeks. I had not one but FIVE of my blog sites wrecked by a thoughtless criminal who apparently has no life other than seeing who else's life he can disrupt and how many websites he can break into and mess up on any given day. He left me with an ugly black page with a demon in the middle and several nasty comments on his evil replacement for my site's index page.

This website is only one of the five I'm recreating, and therefore being a lone webmistress on a shoestring budget, you can only imagine how long it will take me to get this site and the others back to their 'former glory'... only I'm taking it a step further here, I'm totally remaking it from scratch so I guess in a convoluted way I can thank 'Black Ray' (the hacker who invaded 5 of my websites) for the motivation.  His timing really stinks though, as I have lots of other stuff on my platter that really needed to take precedence over the forced rebuilding of websites that took a few years to build in the first place.

It makes me wonder if he would treat his own mother or grandmother in such a horrible way?  I'm pushing 66 now and not the young thing I used to be so I really don't appreciate this kind of thoughtless behavior one teensy iota... doubt anyone would, really, but this grandmother is especially miffed and distressed, not to mention the pain in my hands from all the re-typing, creating new graphics, and multiple article & page copying & pasting, etc.  (I know, I know, kwitcherbellyaching Granny!)

I think that evil people should be put on another planet to do whatever they wish to each other and leave only the peaceful, loving, compassionate ones among us here on Earth.  Sure, karma will get everyone for whatever we do to one another, but why do some seem to get away with it for so long before they get their 'just desserts'?

People who do this kind of thing have to be totally lacking any measurable self-esteem... and these folks carry it further than their own self-loathing and apparently hold some hatred for their fellow human beings, as well.
  I continue to pray for these people because they need far more help than the earthly realm can provide. 

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"Hi, I really feel for you and join you in praying for that miscreant."
says: February 6, 2012 at 18:04 

"Thank you Anon, I really really appreciate your kind words. Love & prayers are the answers to what’s wrong in our world anyway… even though some would disagree with me on that." :)

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