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Donna likes to help you online in as many ways as possible... enjoy this free Character Counter.


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How-To Use Our Handy Character Counter Tool:
(hopefully you see a white box to the right of the arrow!)

Just type in (or cut and paste it in) whatever you need counted and click the calculate button, and you'll have an instant character count.  (It counts all the letters, spaces, punctuation in your advert, letter, or whatever you enter in the box to the right)

Then you just cut and paste your text into whatever you needed this counter for and you're 'good to go' as they say.  :-)

Have a wonderful day and may it be profitable and joyous!

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(Please note that your browser does need to be JavaScript-Enabled to take advantage of this terrific little tool.   Look in Edit:Preferences in Netscape or Tools:Internet Options in Internet Explorer to find these permission settings in your browser.)

This free script provided by JavaScript Kit
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There are many uses for this great script, I hope you have good luck using it.  I use it for link submissions or any place online (such as article directories or forum sigs in profiles) that they request that you have a limit to the number of characters (not words) in your submissions.  It makes it so much easier than trying to do it manually (um... yes I have! lol)

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