Your "heartmind" is a place inside you that connects mind and heart... refresh it with daily affirmations for abundance & more pure joy in your life.


"I Believe"
(Affirmations to bring more of the highest good into your life.)
Read this daily to manifest it in your heartmind, and make good things happen in your life, too.  This was written by T.A. Johnson to her sister.

I Believe that I am divinely guided and protected.

I Believe that my life is filled with love, light, and joy. 

I Believe that I am abundantly blessed with abundance and prosperity.  

I Believe that life is a learning experience that creates growth even through trials and pain. 

I Believe that the Universe provides for me even when I don't know what to ask for or if I ask for something that is not in my best interest. 

I Believe that I am blessed with a great job that allows me to support myself and give to others.

I Believe that I will always have the right amount of friends whether it be one or a dozen or more. 

I Believe that the sun will come out tomorrow and that I can deal with my pain without involving others in the struggle. 

I Believe that God will hold me and keep me and never give me more than I can handle and learn from. 

I Believe that I have free will and that I don't have to take what God gives me, but I also Believe that it is a better idea to accept the Grace as it is. 

I Believe I can call upon my angels and they respond immediately. 

I Believe in personal power and unseen abilities.

I Believe in Spirit and that love never dies.

I Believe that things are what they are...people are what they are.....but they are because of their choices not because of mine. 

I Believe I can always be a better person and that I am holding the tools with which to shape my destiny.  I Just Keep Believing no matter what!!!

"Believe in Magic and life will be magical,
believe in miracles and life will be miraculous,
believe in nothing and life will be empty"

A Note from Donna:

     These affirmations go along with the kind of positive thinking mentality that will ultimately permeate your mind and heart and gradually override the negative teachings of your 'growing' years.  They have for their author, and they are working in my own life, too, although I got my start a few years later than she did, I'm working diligently to undo years of 'bad thinking' about myself and my world.  You can do it for yourself, as well.  It's never too late to start becoming more positive.  The rewards are uncalculable.

     The point is, to *never* give up on yourself or on your friends or family members who don't seem to "get it" yet, because they may one day, whether by the  example you set or by their own determination.  Perhaps some may never arrive, but we do them a disservice by giving up on them or treating them unkindly.  As Wayne Dyer says, "Whenever you return hate for hate, anger for anger, discord for discord, you are distancing yourself from the Source."  You do yourself no possible good, and certainly not the other party involved.  Kindness is the key to all communication, whether with another human, your pet, or even to creatures you'd rather not interact with at all.

     We are all made in the Creator's image, regardless of our spiritual beliefs, and the only way to treat anyone is to be kind, and to NOT judge them, and this includes ourselves.  The only thing we should ever compare ourselves to is our own progress.  Never to anyone else's or to anyone else.  It isn't fair to you to treat yourself like that, and it certainly isn't being loving or kind to anyone else.

     I hope that you will adopt these affirmations into your daily regime, and start building some joy and prosperity in your life.... the richness of a smile, the warmth of a hug, a kind word... helping a stranger... not returning any sort of negativity when it's aimed at you, but rather looking for a way to be kind and compassionate.   It isn't easy at first, but the changes you'll see are so very worth the effort.

     Serotonin is a key ingredient in feeling good, and the more kindness you show others, you increase their serotonin levels along with your own.  When these levels raise, so does the immune system, so there is absolutely no harm that can come from random acts of kindness.  Pretty soon, they become habits, and your whole world will change before your eyes.

     Thank you for reading, and you have my warmest wishes for your success and happiness in your life. 

May your day (and your life) be blessed, 

Donna Maher


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