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Please note that we're in the process of redoing the site so many of these pages below will be in the older design and they won't match this new site layout at all... the info is still good, it's just not going to appear as nicely formatted until we get all the pages remade. It's a work in progress, thank you for your patience with my efforts.  Donna :)
After the 'main' site links below, the site map is divided into 'categories' to make navigation as simple as possible, so just click to jump to the area you wish to explore:  Consumer Education | Spiritual & Self-Empowerment | Marketing Tips (coming soon) | Miscellaneous Articles | Rants & Raves (coming soon) | Webmaster Stuff |

The 'Home' Index Page Donna Maher RN, as a budding infopreneur, decided one day in 2004 to set up a website that is all her very own, with useful information, articles and links to many varied genres, philosophical, educational, healthful, self-empowerment, wealth-building, online marketing tips and more.  I hope you enjoy the website.  If you have suggestions for improvements or something you'd like to see published, my contact link is on every page.

Privacy Policy  &  Website Terms of Use & Disclaimers  Our site's privacy policy and terms of use and disclaimers are available for your perusal.   We take your privacy VERY seriously, and we do everything in our power to protect it.  The other legal jargon is simply a necessity in today's litigious society.

Feedback Page  This is my helpdesk which I created so you can provide me with your comments, suggestions, ideas for site content and let me know how I can better serve your information needs here.  Please do participate... it is greatly appreciated. :)

Our Consumer Protection Pages:
We plan to add a lot more to these as time goes on.

Children's Caregiver Safety page - After watching some nannies from hell on Dr. Phil, I just had to put up this page with a checklist for your potential child's nanny or caregiver.  They could save your child's life... yes, it's that serious!  Even if you don't like the man or his show, this checklist is amazingly accurate and very wise!

Identity Theft & Phishing::  A growing menace online.  This article is by Jim Edwards, a very well-known newspaper writer and marketing giant.  He explains Phishing" by the Cyber-Crooks who would steal your private information for their own gain.  Very helpful, and Donna has included some helpful links as well.  After publishing this, I got even more excited about helping others to stop this vicious activity and created my Consumer Protection page. 

I also added a Sample of a Phishing SCAM-SPAM email source code to help you learn more about them, and what to look for so you can learn how to protect your privacy and your personal information and how to send your SPAM to the US Government and help do your part in the anti-spam battle if you care to join in.

I've added an eBay Phishing Scam Example and dissected it for those who might care to learn more about how the scammers set these up to dupe you and steal your money and your private information.  Just another in Donna's Consumer Protection Series...

Although most of you already know about these from inbox-bombardment with the stupid things, I added a Sample of a Lottery SCAM-SPAM email source code and explanation, so you can see what to look for in those silly scam emails, too, and save your valuable time by just hitting delete or setting up a filter to trash them so you don't even get bothered with them.

Consumer Protection Information Page::  Scam alerts, Anti-Virus & FireWall protection & other ways to protect yourself online.  Many free resources and helpful tips & links to security resources (and more will be added all the time).  Please visit and feel free to comment on the site or let me know what you'd like to see added to it. 

It's a work in progress at this time.   I will continue updating it as I find more and more useful resources for you to protect yourself on and offline.

Self-Empowerment, Spiritual & Abundance pages:
How To Make A Positive Difference::  Every day we have a choice, and this article explains the wonder you can find in everyday communication by just empowering yourself with a different mindset.  Thanks, Johan!  It is very inspiring with a lot of good tips for you to put to work today!  Excerpt Paragraph:  "Realize that you do not have to do something earth-shattering just to make a difference. It's the little things that often have the greatest impact. A smile, a friendly word, a compliment, a helping hand, a sympathetic ear, these are the things that you can do every day and the only cost is that you put your ego in your pocket for a while and you give your attention to the other person's feelings."

Ten Ways To Create Interpersonal Peace::  This page was created to promote the wonderful new site I discovered recently that is all about Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg PhD - a man dedicated to creating more peaceful environments and thusly a more peaceful world.  His book is on his CNVC website to learn more about this amazing process.  It should make better schools, homes, and work relationships, because the techniques improve communication and decrease anger and hostile reactions between people.  I included an excerpt from his first chapter on the page, too.  [I am also thinking of 'expanding' this 10-ways into a full article]

The Inner Critic  Let us now journey into the secret world of the sponsoring thought and it's equally hidden counterpart the Inner Critic. At the end of this journey, you will have moved a step further towards understanding and creating success in your life.  This powerful article can help you if you really put the principles to work!

Vibration & Attraction::The Keys To Manifesting More Abundance, Happiness & Joy In Your Life Once you remember to always, in your thoughts, words, emotions and actions, give the best to others, nothing will be denied to you, simply because you will no longer be blocking your own progress, and you will be having a new vibration of abundance hanging around you.  David Cameron wrote this powerful article and if you want more prosperity and joy in your life, you really need to study it.

Affirmation entitled "I Believe" to help you grow and manifest prosperity and abundance more rapidly in your own life.  Can use for daily affirming of self-empowerment, as well.  Read and then re-read to feel the power in these words.  They were written by my sister TA Johnson, a Reiki teacher and all-around very wise lady.

Miscellaneous Articles & Resource Links

Cool Freebie Links:

  Free Character-Counter & Free Word Counter ::  Both right online for your use.  Very handy little timesaving scripts, especially when you are trying to format your text to submit to a link site and they limit your characters to say.... 255, or if you can only have so many words in an article, you will need a word counter.  (-: Plus, if you have your own websites,  you can get these and lots more free scripts from the courtesy link on these pages. Ya just gotta love JavaScript!  :-) 
Webmaster & Marketing-Related:

 Free WYSIWYG Web Page Creator with built-in publishing capability.  I got so excited when I discovered this that I was grinning from ear to ear!  What if you could take the best of two WYSIWYG Web Page composers and add even more benefits like CSS editor, Unlimited color choices for fonts & bgs, etc... and offer it to the public absolutely free?  Nvu did just that! God bless them!   Nvu is totally free & open source beta!!  Go grab FREE Nvu WYSIWYG Webpage Composer (similar to FrontPage & Mozilla composers only lots better - with tons of added goodies!)  Read my lens about NVU (now called Kompozer & even better than ever) at too!

Traffic Generation Marketing Article::  by Jim Edwards again, teaching us how to use article-writing to generate thousands of visitors for no cost.  Pretty cool... anyone can do this to generate more traffic to any website they desire, whether it's an affiliate or their own domains.  You can also learn more by visiting TurningYour Words Into Traffic.

DomainCondo is our trusted favorite (and our only) domain registrar ! DomainCondo allows you to purchase your chosen domain name (or hosting, copyrights, SSL, or whatever you need for your business or personal domain) or simply continue searching.  Owning your own domains is so much cooler than free pages with someone else's creativity involved and peppered with someone else's adverts.  And, hosting is very affordable nowadays, too, and I prefer Hostgator ... because you can host more sites & get more bandwidth and more space quota for a great low price than any others I've tried.  It's the best one all around & support is good too!

~More to be added as I am able~
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