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WordPress Security Is VITAL Today!

Our newest article is by Donna Maher RN, and it covers a VERY important subject for those who have WordPress blogs online.  Don't learn the hard way like I did about implementing better security for your websites and blogs... it's not fun at all to get hacked!
Having a blog is lots of work but it's also a ton of fun... you can express yourself, be very creative in the theme (design) of the site, monetize it and do whatever you like when it's self-hosted.  The problems happen when you have insecure passwords or you lack the proper security plugins for your WordPress installation.

Plan to put in a few hours getting your blog going and then, after you get the blog set up and looking pretty much the way you want it to, start installing plugins.  Just use your favorite search engine and look up "security plugins for Wordpress" and you'll find a bunch of them. Or go straight to Wordpress & search their plugins directly (this opens in a new tab or window for you)

Choose the one that does what you want it to do for you - there is a plethora of options available -- things like locking intruders out of your admin logon area, blocking users, blocking IPs, changing the database names, etc. and many of these tasks are done automatically by the plugin itself on your command.

DO NOT neglect updating your plugins when a newer version comes out, many times they have not only resolved a few 'bugs' but they frequently add even more cool features to your plugin - making it ever more efficient.  Most importantly, are the security upgrades that they have added to the newer version of the plugin.

Furthermore, ALWAYS update your Wordpress itself, whenever they put out a new version, it's usually because someone breached the security of the older version and the blog owner wasn't paying attention... often to his/her chagrin!

One other thing that seems to go right over people's heads is the continued use of too-simple passwords for their email accounts, even for their online banking or for their credit card accounts.  Don't DO it!  You can get some amazing software that will create your passwords for you AND memorize them for you and fill in your websites when you need them to, so don't let that be an excuse not to update your passwords to much more secure ones IMMEDIATELY.

Furthermore, there is yet another reason to update all your passcodes and that's the existence of evil software today which is used by crackers and thieves that can work 24/7 to 'crack your passcodes' and it doesn't even break a sweat.  Updating your passwords to super-secure ones is a vital thing in today's internet world... and you MUST use at least 128-bit encryption strength passwords... not "fido123" or something equally childlike in its simplicity.

The last thing, after updating everything, is not to get complacent but instead, to remember to change your passwords at least once a month.  And, saying a prayer each day of gratitude to our Father, along with asking Him to forgive those who would harm us, is also a good way to end each day.

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